Our Gutter Installation Process

Gutter Installation Process

We never appreciate properly working gutters until something goes wrong. When everything is going well, this unassuming feature quietly collects rainwater from your roof and disperses it away from your home. However, when your gutters are leaking or clogged, or when downspouts pool water around your driveway or landscaping, then you understand the essential job your gutters serve.

Installing new gutters correctly requires a large amount of planning, calculations, and manual labor. Even the most competent DIYers may find it difficult to install their own gutters. That’s why we hope you’ll turn to All Season Gutters if you’re in need of a new guttering system. With more than 13 years of experience and satisfied customers throughout central Pennsylvania, we’re up to the challenge.

How the Pros at All Season Gutters Install New Gutters On Your Home

Curious about how we do what we do? Here’s our basic five-step installation process.

1. Plan Out the Project

Before we even begin the installation process, we first inspect your home and sketch it out, including all measurements we’ll need to install the guttering system. During our inspection, we’ll determine if your soffit and fascia have rotting sections and need to be replaced. The soffit, fascia, and gutters all work together to complete the look of your home and provide vital protection.

As we sketch out your home, there are a few key things we take into consideration:

  • Location of Your Downspouts: Not only do these need to facilitate drainage, allowing water to easily flow away from your home, but downspouts should also be in inconspicuous locations where they’re less visible.
  • Size of Your Downspouts: Although 2-by-3-inch downspouts are industry standard, gutters that drain a large area of your roof will need oversized downspouts that are 3-by-4 inches wide.
  • The Slope of Your Gutters: Gutters are sloped so water will not accumulate inside them. As we take our measurements, we determine the slope — although the exact slope will be adjusted during the installation process.
  • Need for Roof Hanger Mounting Straps: If your roof doesn’t have fascia boards or they’re not vertical, we use roof hanger mounting straps to install gutters.

2. Prepare Gutters

Once we understand your home’s gutter needs, we prepare your guttering system on site to ensure accurate measurements. At All Season Gutters, we only offer seamless gutter installation. Other gutter installation professionals may use sectional gutters, but the seams that join these pre-formed gutter sections together are more susceptible to leaks and damage.

We use a machine so we can make it as long as necessary without any seams. We form our gutters into the K-style shape. This style holds more water than rounded gutters and is also stronger and less likely to bend when impacted by force.

3. Install Outlets for the Downspouts

Once your gutters are prepared, it’s time to add the downspouts and outlets before we attach the gutters to your home. It’s safer to do this on the ground rather than from a ladder. Using the measurements we took ahead of time, we cut a hole in the gutters and add the outlets that will later have the downspouts attached to them.

4. Hang the Gutters

Using locally made Raytec Hangfast hidden hangers, we attach the gutters to the fascia boards of your home. These hangers are made using strong material and are designed to withstand any type of weather and the weight of everything the gutter collects without breaking off your house. As your gutters are hung, we also ensure they have the correct slope.

5. Install the Downspouts

The final step we take is to install the downspouts to the outlets previously attached to your gutters. The downspouts are then secured to your home using brackets, so they stay in place.

Call All Season Gutters for High-Quality Gutter Installation

If you live in Central Pennsylvania, the company you want to hire for your gutter installation is All Season Gutters. We are a local, family-owned business dedicated to serving our local community with superior gutter installations. Our durable, seamless gutters come in a variety of sizes and colors and are made from the thickest aluminum.

We take pride in our work, and we stand by it. For a free estimate or to schedule an installation, fill out our contact form or call us at 717-315-38180.


Great. Very impressed with your company. Wish I had known about you years ago. Been in real estate 49 years, and property management 34 years.

-April 2019

– D. Chronister

The customer service and product I received were excellent. I will highly recommend you to anyone.

– The Gablers

The All Season team was a pleasure to do business with from the very start. The estimate was done in a timely manner and the gutters were installed promptly and efficiently. I highly recommend All Season Gutters!

– D. Myers

Excellent. The job estimate was 3-4 days and they brought a full crew plus the owner and completed the job in 2 1/2 days. They were on time each morning and cleaned up at the end of each day. One of our beams had been wrapped poorly when our home was originally constructed. All Season Gutters solution/ repair was practical and attractive. They consulted us with little details along the way and the result was a job well done. We are so glad we selected them for the job and would highly recommend them.


– V. Jugan
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