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Snow Guard Installation Services

Snow or ice accumulation on your roof during the winter can be hazardous and destructive. But with a new snow guard installation on your home’s roof, you can avoid a dangerous situation. Snow guards protect the quality and longevity of your roof by preventing snow from sliding off. With a snow guard installed on your home’s roof, you’ll allow the snow to stay securely in place and gradually melt over time.

At All Season Gutters, we offer snow guard installations of all shapes, styles, and sizes to ensure your roof stays in pristine condition and to prevent unwanted personal injuries caused by rapid snowfall. Our team is highly trained and experienced with providing snow guard options to local Pennsylvania homeowners. We believe in providing only the best services to local homeowners, all paired with extensive local experience, the best industry knowledge and practices and dependable, quality products — ensuring safety and peace of mind for all residents throughout New Cumberland, Lemoyne, Harrisburg, and beyond.

What Is a Snow Guard?

Snow guards are best used on homes with steep roofs or constructed from metal, wood or slate, where large sheets of snow can unexpectantly slide off. A snow guard is a tool installed on your home’s roof that breaks up the snow into smaller pieces, so any fall doesn’t come down in one big chunk. With a snow guard, the snow will either fall in small segments more predictably or the guard will block any fall, allowing the snow to gradually melt and reducing hazardous conditions and roof damage.


Why Do Central Pennsylvania Homeowners Need Snow Guard Installation Services?

During the winter, when snow accumulates on your roof, it gets heavier as time passes and eventually gravity will pull this massive load to the ground unexpectedly. When this giant mass is pulled off your roof, it can damage your gutters, plumbing, and nearby landscaping. If there’s a person in the path of the falling snow, injuries can occur. With a snow guard installation, the snow will either fall as small pieces or will be allowed to melt over time.

Benefits of Having a Snow Guard

Being located in Central Pennsylvania means that winters are typically long and damp with unpredictable snowfall. Protect your investment and the health of your family by installing a new snow guard. Besides preventing inconvenient snowfall from your roof, the benefits of a snow guard also include:

  • Improved Safety: Without having large, unexpected sheets of ice hurtling off your roof, you can guarantee that neither your family nor any visitors will be seriously injured.
  • Damage Reduction: You can also protect the quality of your home’s gutters and other exterior plumbing fixtures and reduce damage to your home’s landscaping and deck areas.
  • Roof Protection: Your home’s roof is an expensive asset and you want to protect its overall quality and longevity. With a snow guard, you can ensure your roof lasts longer and won’t become subject to damage. As snow slides off your roof, it may cause the materials to crack and become damaged over time.

Professional Central Pennsylvania Snow Guard Installation Services

Don’t risk personal or property damage this winter with unexpected and damaging chunks of snowfall falling from your roof. Instead, call the professionals at All Season Gutters to install a new, high-quality snow guard to your roof. Our team is fully trained and insured and has over 13 years of experience throughout the Central Pennsylvania area performing roofing installations, gutter maintenance, and snow guard services. To guarantee you’re receiving the services you expect and deserve, we even offer home consultations and free project estimates.

Call us today at 717-315-3810 to schedule snow guard installation services at your home or complete our online contact form to receive a free quote.


Great. Very impressed with your company. Wish I had known about you years ago. Been in real estate 49 years, and property management 34 years.

-April 2019

– D. Chronister

The customer service and product I received were excellent. I will highly recommend you to anyone.

– The Gablers

The All Season team was a pleasure to do business with from the very start. The estimate was done in a timely manner and the gutters were installed promptly and efficiently. I highly recommend All Season Gutters!

– D. Myers

Excellent. The job estimate was 3-4 days and they brought a full crew plus the owner and completed the job in 2 1/2 days. They were on time each morning and cleaned up at the end of each day. One of our beams had been wrapped poorly when our home was originally constructed. All Season Gutters solution/ repair was practical and attractive. They consulted us with little details along the way and the result was a job well done. We are so glad we selected them for the job and would highly recommend them.


– V. Jugan
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