Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can gutter guards be installed on my existing gutters?

A: Yes. Our gutter guards can be installed on the existing gutters as long as they are working well and tightly secured. There are times we might recommend replacement gutters if there are issues that might impede the function of the gutter guard. All gutters are cleaned before any gutter guard installation.

Q: How do I know if my gutters need replacing?

A: Visible signs your gutters need to be replaced include dents, sags in the gutter, large nails or spikes that appear to be loose, leaky seams and insufficient drainage during heavy storms.

Q: What sizes are the gutters available in?

A: All Season Gutters offers 5” and 6” sized seamless gutters. 5” gutters come with 2×3 downspouts and 6” gutters come with 3×4 downspouts, which allow for much more water flow away from the building.

Q: Are there other colors than white?

A: Yes, we offer a variety of gutter colors!

Q: Are our gutters seamless?

A: Yes, all of our gutters are seamless. Aluminum gutters are made on-site to fit your home.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes. Find our warranty information here:

Q: Why do I need a larger gutter system?

A: A traditional 5-inch gutter system would have been acceptable years ago, but due to the increase in the amount of water that comes down during rain storms, the 5-inch gutters no longer handle the flow. Due to this, more and more customers are requesting the larger 6-inch gutters for their homes for extra protection. In fact, the 6-inch gutter can take twice the amount of water as the 5-inch gutter!

Q: Why is it pertinent to install a 6-inch gutter system on a new or existing metal roof?

A: When a metal roof is installed, the drip edge is usually a minimum of 2 inches. Because of this, the new gutters will hang down further from the roof edge than a 5-inch system. On longer runs of gutter, by the time we reach the end where the downspout is, there is a possibility that the water could spill over, especially during heavier storms. Also, there is nothing slowing the water down with a metal roof, unlike a shingled roof.

Q: Why do you need snow guards or snow birds on a metal roof?

A: You should invest in snow guards to hold the snow on your roof until it melts. Otherwise, the snow could break away, slide down the metal roof and cause damage to the new gutters.

Q: Why are my new gutters aligned differently from the old gutters?

A: The level we use to install all new gutter systems is to ensure that the water flows to the downspout. Buildings also settle over time, or the original gutters may have been installed incorrectly.

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