Why Install Gutter Guards?

Why Install Gutter Guards?

We can’t downplay the importance of gutter guards for keeping your gutters in top condition. Everyone can find something to appreciate among the many benefits of gutter protection. Check out the following reasons to install gutter guards:

Fewer Clogs

One of the biggest benefits of installing gutter guards is their ability to prevent clogs and buildup. Leaves, twigs, rocks, and other debris can create a blockage in your gutter. If this buildup gets bad enough, water can leak and overflow, damaging your home and property. Gutter guards only let rain enter your gutters.

Less Frequent Maintenance

Without protection, a gutter needs regular cleaning multiple times a year. But when you add a gutter guard, you can wait as long as every few years instead of every few months. Your gutter will collect much less debris, keeping it in good shape for a longer time.

Saves Money in the Long Run

While you have to pay more upfront when you buy a gutter guard, you will also save money on cleanings and repairs. Over the years, you’ll eventually make back what you spend and then some. And with many brands offering a warranty, you can rest assured that it will last long enough to cover its own expenses.

Lower Fire Hazard

We may not live in a bushfire-prone area, but fires still happen in our homes and backyards. When a fire occurs, embers fly out that can catch onto flammable objects and spread the fire. Leaves, twigs, and other items that get caught in a gutter can easily catch fire, so getting a gutter guard can eliminate that risk and save you crucial time in an emergency.

Keeps Out Critters

You may see a little standing water in your gutters, but mice, bugs, and spiders see the perfect place to start a family. Gutter guards keep these unwanted occupants from settling down in the first place by keeping water moving. No stagnant water means no extra pests!

Improves Home Value and Curb Appeal

Gutter guards not only improve your gutters, but they also make the rest of your home more appealing too. The previous benefits we just discussed make a house more marketable if you decide to sell it. In addition, some gutter guards such as MasterShield gutter guards come in attractive colors that match your roof and siding.

Lower Risk of Accident

Protecting your gutters from debris also makes your home safer. If you clean and maintain your gutters yourself, you want to reduce the time you spend on a ladder as much as you can to avoid the risk of falling. With a less frequent need for care, you can breathe easy knowing you’re on the ground and not on the roof.

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