Benefits of Snow Guards

Benefits of Snow Guards

During the winter months, snow is often a pleasant surprise you can enjoy while sipping your morning coffee or throughout a long, lazy weekend. But it can also cause extensive, costly, and potentially dangerous damage to your property. Snow accumulation on your roof can harm your roofing materials, your building’s structure, and foundation, and even cause personal injury.

The best form of prevention against these potentially hazardous and costly piles of snow is to purchase snow guards for your property.

What Are Snow Guards?

When a winter storm swirls around your home, a lot of the snowfall collects on the roof. Later, as the snow melts, a layer of water forms between the roof and the snow, which can cause the snow to unexpectedly release and slide down the roof in large sheets. The snow that falls from your roof can damage or crack your roofing materials, harm nearby property or cause serious personal injury.

Snow guards are rooftop devices installed on your roof that catch and distribute accumulated snow and ice. By having snow guards on your roof, the layers of snow or ice can melt gradually instead of sliding off the surface in a large sheet. Installing snow guards on buildings with metal roofing is particularly useful because these materials have little friction to prevent the snow from sliding off the roof.

Reasons to Install Snow Guards

Snow guards seem like a useful tool for your home, but why should you consider installing them this winter? When you have snow guards installed on your home’s roof, you can prevent unexpected sheets of snow from sliding off your roof that can cause personal injury and property damage.

With new snow guards for your roof, you can benefit from:

  • Improved Home Safety: The sheets of snow that can fall from your roof are often large and heavy. If a person or animal is beneath the snow, they could become seriously injured.
  • Long-Term Roof Protection: When piles of snow slide off a roof, it can cause cracking and other roof damage that could ruin the structural integrity of your roofing and lead to leaks and harm to your building. This damage is potentially dangerous and costly to repair.
  • Property Damage Prevention: Not only does snow accumulation on your building or home cause potential damage to your roofing materials, but the weight of the snow can also destroy and bend your gutters, eventually causing them to separate from your structure. Falling and melting snow can also ruin HVAC systems and landscaping or flood your home’s foundation.
  • Reduced Liability: One of the costliest consequences of snow falling from your roof is that if it does strike a person, the home or property owner is liable for paying the damages, which can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Added Home Value: If you ever decide to sell your home in the future, you can include your new snow guards as an added special feature. Highlight how safe and effective snow guards are for the home and how a new homeowner will save time and money by not having to install new snow guards.
  • Styles / Types: There are a wide variety of styles, materials, and forms of snow guards. Snow guards can be made of plastic or any variety of metals including copper. There are a broad array of designs for each different type of roof and styles from simple to extravagant.

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