How Gutter Guards Save Homeowners Time and Money

How Gutter Guards Save Homeowners Time and Money

Gutters are an essential part of any home. They redirect water away from the house, protecting it from water damage and keeping you nice and dry. However, debris can fall into your gutters, causing clogs, backups, and overflows. These issues can lead to extensive water damage, harming your home and leaving you with an expensive repair bill. Gutter guards help keep your gutters debris-free while ensuring they can safely carry water away from your home.

What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are aluminum, metal, or plastic protectors that cover your gutters. They have slots or holes that let water into your gutters while keeping leaves and debris out. Gutter guards are basically filters — since they keep debris out, your gutters can work efficiently, and you avoid water damage from overflowing gutters.

Gutter guards are excellent additions to any gutter system. They’ll save you the hassle of frequent gutter cleaning, and they help with efficient water drainage. If you live in an area with many trees or heavy wind and rain, gutter guards will help keep your gutters free of debris. They might not be worth it if you live somewhere without trees or minimal rainfall, so talk to your gutter expert for advice.

How Often Should Gutter Guards Be Replaced?

How often you should replace your gutter guards depends on the material. Aluminum can last 10 to 20 years, while steel holds up for seven to 10. Plastic has the shortest life span at three to six years. Good installation and quality materials can increase your gutter guard life span, but you’ll still have to replace them eventually to ensure your gutters stay clear.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards help protect your gutters from unwanted debris.

Gutter guards help protect your gutters from unwanted debris. Installing them can boost your gutter system’s life span, maximize your investment, and protect your home. Check out these benefits to help you decide if gutter guards are worth the money:

  1. Prevent clogs: Gutter guards act like filters for your gutters, keeping leaves, twigs, and other debris from getting into the gutter system. With a perforated barrier in place, water can flow into your gutters and away from your home without getting blocked by loose materials. With fewer gutter clogs, you’ll reduce your chances of having overflowing gutters and water damage.
  2. Reduce maintenance: Unprotected gutters need regular cleaning, especially during the heavy foliage parts of the year. Getting up to clean your gutters or hiring someone to do the work takes up your valuable time and money, as well. With gutter guards, you can avoid climbing ladders or paying to unblock gutters since the gutter guards will keep most of the debris out. Anyone looking for a low-maintenance solution should consider getting gutter guards.
  3. Extend your gutter life: Getting gutter guards can also help extend the life of your gutter system. Since they prevent clogs, they help reduce the chance or corrosion and damage that standing water and debris can cause. Waterlogged gutters can be more prone to rust and deterioration, reducing their life span and requiring expensive repairs. Gutter guards help protect your gutters, giving them a long-term shield against damage.
  4. Protect your home: Gutter guards help protect your gutters and your home. Clogged gutters can lead to water overflowing and running down the side of your house. This water pools next to your foundation, soaking in and leading to soil erosion and structural damage. With gutter guards, you prevent clogs and ensure proper water drainage, preventing these issues. Your gutters will channel water away from your foundation, minimizing foundation damage and preventing soil erosion.
  5. Preserve your landscaping: While gutter guards protect you from clogs and preserve your foundation, they also protect your landscaping. Overflowing water from clogged gutters can lead to soil erosion and damaged plants or flower beds. With gutter guards stopping excessive runoff, your yard will be safe from excess erosion.
  6. Prevent ice dams: If you live somewhere cold, ice dams might be a problem for your roof. When gutters clog and overflow, the water can back up onto your roof. If it sits there too long, it can freeze and create an ice dam, which lets water seep into your roof. Gutter guards help prevent water backups, protecting your roof from water damage and leaks during cold winters.
  7. Deter pests: Gutter guard installation can also help with preventing pest infestations. Clogged gutters can become a nesting space for insects and animals. Pests love to break down the organic debris and breed, eventually getting into your home. Gutter guards create a barrier that stops these conditions, keeping pests from hanging around.

DIY vs. Professional Gutter Guard Installation

If you’re trying to decide if gutter guards are a waste of money, then you need to consider installation. Gutter guard installation can make or break your experience, affecting their function and your budget. When getting gutter guards, choosing between DIY and professional installation is your next step. While DIY can seem like the easier, more affordable option at first, there are many reasons why a professional installation might be your best bet:

  • Professional experience: Professional installers have the knowledge and expertise to handle gutter guard installations safely. They’re familiar with different gutter types and can recommend the best guards for your home and needs. If you DIY your gutter guards, you might not be able to install them if you have an unusual gutter system.
Professional installers have the knowledge and expertise to handle gutter guard installations safely.
  • Thorough assessments: Professionals conduct thorough assessments, identifying potential issues and working to correct them. They’ll also have the tools and experience to measure everything accurately, ensuring a precise installation so your gutter guards fit and work correctly.
  • Quality materials: Gutter guard professionals often have access to high-quality materials that might not be available for DIY projects. These materials can improve your gutter guards’ durability and effectiveness.
  • Efficient installations: Since they have so much experience, professionals work more efficiently and faster on gutter guard installations than inexperienced DIYers. A DIY project might involve a steep learning curve, leading to extended installation times and errors that could compromise your gutter system.
  • Warranties: Professional installations often come with warranties, giving you an extra layer of protection in case any issues pop up. If you DIY your gutter guards, you won’t have any warranties protecting your investment if something goes wrong.
  • Improved safety: Installing gutter guards comes with a safety risk — you’re high up, working at an angle — and it’s easy to fall or hurt yourself if you’re new to gutter installations. Professionals are trained in safety protocols and have the tools to minimize risks during gutter guard installations.

Spending a little extra on a professional gutter guard installation can help your system last longer, saving you money in the long term on repairs or safety issues. With the proper installation, you’ll enjoy all the benefits gutter guards have to offer for years.

Upgrade Your Gutter System With Quality Gutter Guards

Upgrade your gutter system with quality gutter guards.

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