Tips for Hiring a Gutter and Roofing Contractor

Tips for Hiring a Gutter and Roofing Contractor

At some point in the journey of owning a home, most people have to hire home improvement contractors. Since the team you hire will be working on your home — quite possibly your biggest investment — you want to be sure they’re trustworthy and capable of performing excellent work. 

Naturally, you may have a lot of questions about how to hire the right contractor. What will the experience be like? Will they start and finish on time and within your budget? Do they need special licensing or credentials? How do you know who to trust? 

If your friends or colleagues haven’t used a contractor for roofing, gutter installation, or another project, you may not be sure where to start. You’ll need to do a little bit of research so you can make a more educated decision. The following are a few helpful tips for hiring a roofing and gutter contractor.

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1. Search Online

To begin, you’ll want to search for a few contractors, with search terms like “roofing contractor [city where you live]” or “gutter contractor near me.” There may be some that have “Ad” by their name. You’ll also want to look below those results to find others to choose from. Put a few of these on your list and check out their websites. See if they’re able to do the work that you need them to do.

You’ll also want to search on contractor websites, such as Angie’s List (now called Angi), Houzz, Home Advisor, Next Door, and Thumbtack. Read the reviews and ratings thoroughly. You will probably find some overlap between these sites and your web search results.

2. Make a Pros and Cons List

Now it’s time to get objective and look at how each contractor you’ve chosen measures up. List each contractor company and write out a few sentences about the pros and cons of each one. If there’s anything that jumps out at you, good or bad, put it on the list. 

If you can, reach out to former clients to see if they’re happy with the work the contractor has done on their home. You can add that as a pro or con, depending on the feedback that you receive.

3. Connect With the Contractors and Know Their Credentials

After you’ve made your pros and cons lists, rank your contractors in order of interest in working with them and then reach out to talk to them. You probably already got some sense of who they are from their website, but it can be a different experience talking to them on the phone — or, if possible, meeting them in person. 

When you’re talking to them, do you feel comfortable? Would you feel comfortable with this person working on your roof or gutters?

Comfort is one essential aspect, but another important part of choosing home improvement contractors is credentials. All contractors should be licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure you get a skilled professional — and that your project will be protected. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, home improvement contractors currently need to be registered but not licensed.

4. Be Upfront With Your Budget and Have a Contract

Now it’s time to choose your home improvement contractor. You’ll want to be upfront with your budget and your timeline to ensure that everyone is aware of all expectations connected to the project. A reputable contractor will be upfront about cost estimates and timelines. 

Once everything is clear and settled, be sure to carefully review the paperwork — for your protection, you should never work with a home improvement company without a contract in place.

5. Go With the Person You Trust

Even though keeping home improvement costs down can be important, remember that ultimately, a contractor and their crew will be working on your home, and you’ll need to trust them to be on your property, to do a good job, and to accomplish all goals outlined in the contract. You’re paying for professionalism, experience, and trustworthiness as well as the labor and materials. Make sure you choose a contractor who inspires confidence.

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