Benefits of Rain Barrels

Benefits of Rain Barrels

In an average year here in Central Pennsylvania, we will receive more than 40 inches of rain. The precipitation falls on your home’s roof and enters your gutter system, which carries it away from the structure. Homeowners throughout the region are discovering the benefits of a rain barrel for collecting rainwater instead of allowing it to fall to the ground. 

What Is a Rain Barrel?

A gutter rain barrel collects rainwater from your downspout as it exits your home’s gutter. A typical rain barrel system consists of a 55-gallon drum, a screen or grate to place at the top to keep debris and insects out, and a vinyl hose for distributing the accumulated water. Pumps are available to increase the water pressure so you can propel the rainwater more quickly and efficiently. You can also purchase a diverter to channel and capture the water more effectively during heavy downpours.

You can buy a ready-made rain barrel at most hardware or home improvement stores for around $120-$160 (not including accessories). You can also find unfinished 55-gallon drums for about $40. Some local municipalities offer them for sale at a reduced price due to their environmental benefits. Another option is to create your own rain barrel system for free using materials you may already have around the house.

Rain Barrels Save Money by Lowering Your Water Bills

As a homeowner, you should consider installing a rain barrel for a variety of reasons. One key purpose of a rain barrel is to reduce your water bills. Did you know that lawn and garden watering can comprise up to 30-40% of your total household water consumption during the summer months? That can have a significant impact on your water costs, especially during drier periods or droughts. 

On the other hand, rainwater comes free of charge! You simply collect it in your rain barrel and use the attached hose to distribute it on your lawn, garden, or wherever else you need it. You’ll reduce your dependency on sprinklers or hoses connected to your home’s water system, which leads to lower utility costs. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, using a rain barrel will save approximately 1,300 gallons of water during the summer for a monthly cost savings of around $35.

Rain Barrels Help the Environment and Your Plants

Rainwater runoff from roofs is posing significant issues in many metropolitan and suburban areas these days. This water accumulates and transports contaminants that ultimately pollute our rivers and streams. It can also contribute to flooding and sewer overflows. Rain barrels will collect runoff before it reaches our waterways, as well as reduce the long-term impact of erosion. While one barrel here or there won’t do much to prevent the effects of runoff, their widespread use will make a positive contribution to the ecosystem as a whole. 

Rain barrels also contribute to better plant health. Most municipal water supplies contain chlorine and other water treatment chemicals that accumulate in the soil, which can eventually harm some types of plants. Well water contains iron and other minerals that can impact plant growth. Rainwater provides a healthier, chemical-free alternative. What’s more, having a rain barrel or two filled with water on hand can save your garden during periods of water use restrictions and droughts. 

Pairing a Rain Barrel With a New Gutter System

The addition of a new home gutter system provides an excellent opportunity for the installation of a rain barrel. Many of the top installers now view a rain barrel as a valuable gutter accessory and may even suggest one when you’re considering a new system for your home. An experienced, reputable gutter company can make the ideal fit between the downspout and rain barrel to ensure it collects rainwater efficiently. 

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